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Check out our 250 hour and 300 hour yoga teacher training programs.  Below the dates you will find brief descriptions of each program.  If you wish to register for one of the programs, click on the dates to go directly to the registration and deposit form.  In the event registration you will find a break-down of daily schedule and information on costs and deposits.


February 24 to March 19 – 250 Hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training Immersion

March 20 to 26– Chakra Flow: Moving in Mindfulness & Mysticism (Yoga Alliance 300 Hour credits)

June 22 – July 15 – 250 Hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training Immersion

July 16 – 25The Mahatma Within: Mantra, Mudra, Meditation & the Mind  (Yoga Alliance 300 Hour credits, required module)

July 26 – August 2 Yoga Touch: Artful Adjustments and Assists  (Yoga Alliance 300 Hour credits)

October 5 – 28 – 250 Hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training Immersion

October 29 – November 5 Slow Motion: Yin Yoga Training  (Yoga Alliance 300 Hour credits)





250 Hour Foundational Level Yoga Alliance Teacher Training

Our unique program goes above and beyond its’ Yoga Alliance standards to provide you a truly in-depth transformational experience.  Dive deep into asana, history, philosophy, anatomy, mythology, mantra, mudra, energy anatomy, teaching methodology, pranayama and spiritual practices.  If you are ready to take on the intense and challenging work of Self-Study and reflection, if you’ve been called to deepen your communication skills in order to share a practice that you love, if you are dedicated to living the practice of yoga and maintaining a disciplined studentship…this might be the right program for you!  Journey deep into the heart and spirit of yoga with us in an immersive, near-to-nature experience just steps from the Caribbean Sea and snuggled into the beautiful jungle. Join the journey with us!  This program or a Yoga Alliance registered 200 hour program is a pre-requisite for students interested in enrolling in the 300 hour advanced level modules and seeking YA certification.




Slow Motion: A Yin Yoga, Fascia And Functional Anatomy Yoga Teacher Training

This training is one module (75 hours) of the advanced level 300 hour certification through the Caribe Yoga Academy. Join us in the gorgeous South Caribbean for a journey inward to Yoga’s quiet practice of Yin. There will be adequate time for practice, observation, theory and analysis of Yin shapes. In addition to learning the fundamentals, sequencing and history of Yin Yoga you will also explore important variations in bone anatomy in order to apply a functional approach to your practice, explore MyoFascial Release techniques as can be applied to the Yin practice,  study chakra and meridian theory, mindfulness techniques, the soft art of assisting still practices, physiology of human tissues and anatomy of the fascia. Slow down, find your edge and get still with us in the jungles of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.




Yoga Touch: Artful Adjustments And Assists

This training is one module (70 hours) of the advanced level 300 hour certification through the Caribe Yoga Academy. Get comfortable and confident with your assists and adjustments! This course offers plenty of time for hands on exploration as well as guiding you through the ethics of, anatomy of and types of touch. Nothing can make or break a yoga class experience quicker than a teacher’s touch: learn to make yours kind, supportive, confident and compassionate.  Study how to work with touch and trauma, workshop a selection of asanas and their hands-on assist options, learn about self-assisting, the ethics of touch, incorporating yoga props, booking and working with private class clients plus techniques that can make the yoga class experience even yummier: Reiki, Thai Massage, MFR and more!  Get all hands on deck with us in this delicious module of yoga teacher training in Costa Rica.




Chakra Flow: Moving In Mindfulness & Mysticism

This training is one module (70 hours) of the advanced level 300 hour certification through the Caribe Yoga Academy. Jump into a vinyasa sequencing training that will take you on a journey through the subtle body with the chakra system as the foundation.  Become a confident and creative story-teller through your sequencing and learn the art of theme weaving as a guide for your classes.  This course offers lots of time for practice in vinyasa sequence building as well as a deep study of the chakra system and practice of chakra balancing techniques. Explore the way we trap (and release) limited beliefs into our energy system, the development of our Chakra Centers, specialized poses and sequencing for each chakra, tap into keys for manifesting your true and full potential, look at breakthroughs vs. breakdowns, deepen your relationship to pranayama, find your own best balancing techniques, investigate the relationship between asanas and chakras, connect to your foundation, voice and hone in on your power center.  This unit is a deeply transformational journey through the subtle body into the mystical side of the yoga practice.




The Mahatma Within: Mantra, Mudra, Meditation & The Mind

This training is a required module (100 hours) of the advanced level 300 hour certification through the Caribe Yoga Academy.  Explore the power of the mind and how to cultivate the life and practice that best serves you and your students. It is often said that the best gift we can ever give or receive is true presence; learn how to live more frequently in THIS one precious, present moment. Cultivate gratitude, compassion, joy and a sense of peacefulness to better serve yourself and others.  In this unit you will investigate Mantra, Bhav, Metta Meditation and mindful communication techniques, body language studies,  Seva and CommUNITY development, authentic voice in yoga teacher branding and marketing, brain and nervous system anatomy, the power of silence, the Bhagavad Gita, Dharma and Karma. Step into your True Nature in the natural wild of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica.