Participation contract


Participation in a Yoga Teacher Training program is a huge undertaking. This contract is a sign of good faith that you plan to participate to the fullest of your ability for the benefit of Self and for all others that have signed on to the Caribe Yoga Academy program. This is a copy of the contract that you will turn in signed during opening orientation. This is a copy for you to reference throughout the program in the case that you need a gentle reminder.


I have enrolled in the Caribe Yoga Academy which involves physical activity including but not limited to various yoga and meditation exercises. I understand it is my responsibility to consult with a physician prior to and regarding my participation in this training program.

I, for myself, my heirs and assigns, hereby release the Caribe Yoga Academy from liability now or in the future for conditions including but not limited to heart attacks, muscle strains, pulls, tears, broken bones, shin splints, hearts prostration, knee, lower back or foot injuries and any other illness, soreness or injury, however caused, occurring during or after my participation in the training program.

I fully understand the withdrawal policy and that my deposits and payments are non-refundable however may be transferable in a case-by-case basis.

I hereby affirm that I have read and fully understand the above.

Name:_____________________________ Date: ____________________

I agree that during the course of my Yoga Teacher Training with Caribe Yoga Academy and at OM & Cashew Hill:
I will uphold the integrity as a yoga teacher by conducting myself in a professional and conscientious manner.

I will acknowledge the limitations of my skills and scope of practice and refer students to seek alternative instruction, advice, treatment or direction where appropriate.

I will create and maintain a safe, clean and comfortable environment for the practice of yoga. This includes sanitation practices, such as good hand hygiene and yoga mat care, to prevent cross-contamination among students.

I will actively encourage diversity by including all students regardless of race, creed, gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation or sexual orientation.

I will respect the rights, dignity and privacy of all students.

I will avoid words and actions that constitute sexual harassment of any kind, including overt and covert seductive speech or gestures.
I will adhere to the traditional yoga principles as set forth in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali including the Yamas and Niyamas. This includes a commitment to self cleanliness and purity throughout the course through abstaining from alcohol, tobacco or drugs of any sort when not prescribed.

I will abide by all local and national laws related to yoga.

I understand that from time to time my image during class may be used on the Caribe Yoga Academy, OM or Cashew Hill websites or social media.

I understand and agree that, in order to become a certified Yoga teacher:
I must attend, fully participate in, and successfully complete the entire 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

This will be based on my demonstrated command of the skills necessary to teach yoga classes.

I understand and agree that, if and when I become a certified Yoga teacher:
Registration with the Yoga Alliance is my financial responsibility and is not included in my YTT program costs.

All materials provided in connection with the Caribe Yoga Academy Yoga Teacher Training Program or otherwise provided by CYA, including without limitation, written or printed documents, photographs, audio and video recordings and software programs, and all copies and derivative works relating thereto, are and will remain the sole and exclusive property of the CYA, and I have only a limited, non-exclusive right to use the materials to the extent necessary to teach yoga classes during the period for which I am a certified Yoga Teacher.

I will, at my own expense, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Caribe Yoga Academy and its owners, directors, officers, employees, agents and representatives from and against any and all liabilities, claims, causes of action, suits, damages, including without limitation, suits for personal injury or death of third parties, and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses, for which the CYA becomes liable, or may incur or be compelled to pay by reason of my activities or my breach of the terms of this Agreement.

This Agreement will terminate, and all rights granted to me hereby will automatically terminate, upon the first to occur of: (a) my failure to successfully complete the Yoga Teacher Training Program; (b) my failure to comply with any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement; (c) my failure to adhere to the standards established by CYA.

This Agreement sets forth the entire agreement between CYA and me concerning its subject matter and supersedes any understandings or agreements to the contrary, including any oral representations or other statements.

Name:_____________________________________ Date: ______________________

Signature: _________________________________